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Trip Planning

How do I know which RV to rent?
Choose the RV you need based on the number of people who will be traveling with you. Rental RVs sleep between three and ten persons in various configurations. Also consider the number of passenger seats with seat belts when picking the RV your family will find most comfortable.

How much will it cost?
Rental costs vary depending on the size of the RV you choose, the length of time you rent it and when you are renting it. Other costs include additional miles and insurance. Local and state taxes also apply. You can get a complete estimate for your trip in the rental section at

Does Long View RV do one-way rentals?
No. We also do not deliver units to any locations. All of our rentals start and end in Windsor Locks, CT.

Can I fly to Windsor Locks?
Yes. We are located five minutes from Bradley Locks International Airport (BDL). With prior arrangement (and a $50.00 fee) we will arrange to meet you upon arrival and we will drop you back at the airport when you are through with your rental.

If you are planning to fly here, keep in mind that we do not provide the sundries that you'll want to make you trip comfortable.  You need to have a plan for cookware and bedding.  We do have shopping nearby where you can buy the things you need for your trip, so ask us.

Why should I rent an RV rather than stay in a hotel?
RV’ing is a lifestyle decision. Everyone you see on the road in an RV is there simply because they decided that is what they wanted to do. 100% discretionary. In your RV you have all of the comforts of home. You have your own sheets and food. You can go at your own pace. Stop and rest if you choose. Drive a long day if that suits you. No packing and unpacking. If you’ve never tried it, this is why we rent RV’s. We hope you will try it, love it…and want to buy an RV from us in the future.

Since RV’ing is a lifestyle, we do get plenty of customer inquiries comparing the cost of a long RV trip to the cost of flying and hoteling. Our mileage charges make this a poor comparison for us. Once your rental trip gets into our highest mileage charge area ($1.40 per mile) the economy of RV’ing goes out the window. We send plenty of rental units to Florida, since it is a popular vacation destination but everyone who leaves Windsor Locks for Florida leaves knowing that their trip will cost them in the vicinity of $5,000.00. The people who invest this sum do it for the experience, not because it was the less expensive option.

What comes with the RV and what will I need to bring?
You will need to bring bed linens and blankets, pillows, towels, cookware, cooking utensils, tableware and eating utensils. Long View RV will provide 4 rolls of RV safe toilet paper, chemicals for the toilet system, hoses, and adaptors for hook ups.  We do not provide a cable for connecting cable TV.

We are often asked about bed sizes.  Our main beds are RV Queen size - 60"X74".  The sleeping area over the cab is 60"X80".  The dinette is 42"X66".  The couch (if your floor plan has one) is 40"X60".  In our bunk floor plan, the rear couch is 40'X60" and the top bunk is 27"X72".  Queen flat sheets are most versatile and will cover all of the sleeping spaces.  Full sheets will cover the dinette and couch(es) and twin will work on the upper bunk.

What kind of gas mileage will the RV get?
RV gas mileage varies depending on engine size, driving habits, city or highway driving, flat or mountainous terrain and how much weight the RV is carrying. Generally fuel efficiency ranges from 8-10 miles per gallon.

Can I tow my car/boat/trailer behind my rental RV?
No. Long View RV does not allow any towing behind our units. You can use the tow hitch for extra storage if you own a tray for that purpose or you can use it for your bike rack. But no towing.

How often will I have to fill the gas tank?
Fuel tank capacity varies according to the size of the RV and the chassis on which it is built. Our Ford Transit van chassis units carry 25 gallons and our Ford E-450 van chassis units carry 55 gallons. You can estimate how often you will need to fill up by dividing miles per gallon into the number of gallons the fuel tank holds.

How often will I have to empty the holding tanks?
This depends on how many people will be using the sinks, shower or tub and toilet so there is no “right” answer to this question. Conserving water use in the RV reduces the need to empty black water and grey water holding tanks frequently. We do suggest you should empty the tanks every 3 days if water is being used. During your orientation you will be instructed on how to dump the tanks. Many RV’ers use their onboard bathroom as a convenience but choose to use the bath house at their campground for most toilet and bathing activities. This greatly reduces tank maintenance.

Are there any campgrounds that Long View RV can recommend?
Campgrounds are everywhere in every state near everyplace you are likely to be interested in visiting. Every state has a campground association and you can find them by googling “State Name” RV campground association.

A good online source of information is This site rates campgrounds on a one (bad) to ten (very good) star ranking system. Not every campground chooses to list at this paid listing site, so the state directory is more comprehensive but the Good Sam database is very useful.

Another great source is is a one-stop shop for trip planning, information sharing and reservations brought to you by 12 federal Participating Partners. Seven of these partner agencies including the Army Corps of Engineers, Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Archives, offer advance reservations at 2,500 federal areas for over 60,000 facilities and activities.

How much does it cost to stay at a campground?
There is no one answer to this question. Rates will vary by region and by campground amenities. Generally you can expect somewhere between $40.00 and $80.00 for a full hook up site. To fully utilize your RV you need 30amp electrical service and water. You may opt to include cable and/or sewer. Your campground site directory is the right source for this information.

What kind of facilities will I find in campgrounds?
Campground amenities vary from primitive with no electric, water or sewer hookups and only compost-type toilet facilities to resort-like facilities with 30 and 50 amp electric, water, sewer, cable and telephone hookups, Wi-Fi access, on-site clubhouses, pools, hot tubs, restaurants, organized group activities, children's programs and more. Consult a campground directory on your computer.

Campground names are descriptive too. One key word is “family”. If you see this one word in the campground name you can count on it being very kid friendly. This is awesome if your trip includes the kids. If you are a couple just looking to get away you might want to avoid the family campgrounds since their focus is way away from a quiet couples escape.

How many miles can I expect to travel in a day?
The beauty of RV travel is that you can decide when, where and how far you go. Remember that a more leisurely pace will leave you less fatigued at the end of the day. You can route your trip with short drives between the attractions you want to see and stopovers you plan to make or you can elect to drive longer distances each day to reach a desired destination. If your family or group includes two or more drivers, sharing driving duties helps to keep one driver from becoming overly tired.

Even though your rental RV is larger than your passenger car, truck or SUV, all are equipped with comfortable seats, automatic transmission, dashboard instruments that are easy to read, controls that are easy to operate and other amenities that make driving the RV a pleasure instead of a chore. Like many other RV drivers, you may actually find that driving your rental RV is relaxing and enjoyable.

Is an RV difficult to drive and will I get some driving instruction before I hit the road?
Despite their size, RV’s are quite normal to drive. They are wider and longer than a car but most renters return telling us that any pre-trip fears they had about driving melted away after a few short miles. We will give you all the instruction you need about driving before you go.

Does Long View RV provide baby seats?
No, we do not. You’ll need to bring your own child safety seat. There is one safety tether spot in each RV. Our technician can point this out to you during your orientation.

Is it safe to drink the water from the motor home tank?
It is difficult to know if the water is potable when you fill the tank at a variety of locations. Long View RV recommends that you use bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water in the tank is fine for washing and bathing.

I want to roll out my awning. Is this a good idea?
Of course it is a good idea to get the shade offered by our power awning. But here is the caveat. The awning is the number one reason you will forfeit your security deposit. By a large margin number one. We’ve had renters start to drive with the awning out. A storm can bring one down. There is a long list. By all means use your awning but never leave your campground with the awning out and remember to put it away before you hit the road.  Keep in mind that if you damage our awning this damage is NOT covered under our Collision Damage Waiver and it is NOT covered by your SLI insurance.

Is it difficult to “hook up” the RV to my campground utilities?
Not at all. We will give you complete instructions on this during your orientation. And every campground has built in fail safes. In the likely event that you forget something we tell you during your orientation, simply introduce yourself to the RV’er in the next site and they’ll be thrilled to help you. RV’ers are like that, trust us.

Can I "boondock" camp with my Long View RV?
Sure you can!  Just be aware that we highly recommend that you don't.  Your RV is happiest when it is fully hooked up to steady 110V power.  Staying at campgrounds that have full hook-ups will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance and worrying you will have to do during your trip.  Boondocking can be challenging for experienced RV'ers.  If you are new to the lifestyle we strongly recommend that you go to full campgrounds.  Another benefit to a campground with hook-ups is that when you forget how to operate some function of your RV there will be someone close-by that can help you.  When you are on your own in an RV you really need to know what you are doing.

If you are planning a trip without hook-ups you will need to pay close attention to your house batteries.  We can't tell you how long the batteries will last, since we can't know what you are going to do with them.  But in general, boondocking requires that you conserve utilities whenever possible.  And you'll need to be ready to idle your coach to charge the batteries when they discharge.  There is no more helpless feeling than to hear the low-battery alarm chirping at 3am!  If you are planning to boondock on your RV trip please make us aware of this so we can tailor your orintation correctly.

What do I do in the event of a breakdown?
That depends on the type of breakdown. Our rental fleet consists of 100% under warranty Ford vans. In the unlikely event that you have trouble with yours you will need to get to the nearest Ford dealer and they will service it on an emergency basis for you completely under warranty.

If you have trouble with the RV itself (the non-Ford) part you have options. During the normal working hours at Long View RV you can call our service department and they will assist you. You might also check with a camper in an adjacent site or with the campground office and someone will assist you. If something is truly broken the campground will have contacts locally to make repairs. If you have out of pocket costs for a repair to our vehicle we will reimburse you upon your return.

Long View RV restarted its rental program in 2014. You can take some piece of mind in knowing that no unit has ever gone in for dealership work that we did not initiate here in Windsor Locks.

Do I need to make reservations at campgrounds ahead of time?
During peak seasons at certain locations such as theme parks, beaches and national parks, reservations can ensure that you have a site with the amenities you prefer when you reach your destination. Long View RV strongly suggests that you book your campground reservations at the same time you book your RV rental so that you do not have an RV with no place to stop with it. Before departing on your trip, call parks and campgrounds where you plan to stay to check on site availability and whether or not you should reserve a site for the time you plan on staying there. Find phone numbers for parks and campgrounds in your campground directory.

Can I park in retail store parking lots overnight?
While many RV owners elect to overnight in retail store parking lots (with management's permission), security is best in public or private campgrounds and RV parks. Long View RV Rental recommends staying in supervised RV parks and campgrounds.

Can I park in highway rest stops overnight?
Laws and regulations vary from state to state on time limits for parking at interstate rest areas or other highway rest stops. Observe and obey all posted regulations and check with any on-site personnel on rules and limitations. Again, security is best in public or private campgrounds and RV parks. Highway rest areas are intended for and best utilized as a quick stop-over for meal times, using restrooms and getting a little exercise between driving stints. Long View RV Rental recommends staying in supervised RV parks and campgrounds.

Can I use the roof of my RV as a viewing platform at my event?
No. Please do not allow anyone in your party to climb up onto the roof. It is unsafe to be on the slippery roof of an RV 11’3” off of the ground.

Can a Long View RV be rented as temporary housing?
We don’t specify a use for your rental. But our daily rate does not change because of your purpose. Because of this, long term rentals with us are prohibitively pricy. We’ll be happy to rent to you but you can calculate your rental estimate by multiplying our daily rate by your expected long term period and you will be unlikely to be impressed with the figure you get.

How early should I make my RV rental reservation with Long View RV?
Generally, this falls under the “earlier the better” banner. We do not have an unlimited number of units available for rental. And we do fill up. June, July, August and September will ultimately be booked just about solid. But in March nothing is yet booked. As we approach May things will be tight. We advise anyone who is considering an RV rental to book their reservation as soon as they have made the decision to take the trip (this advice works for campground reservations as well, by the way). The reservation deposit is refundable if your plans changes but if you’ve decided to give RV’ing a try, book your rental early so you are not disappointed.

I’ve rented from Long View RV…and now I want to buy one. What do I do?
Contact the Long View RV Rental Department first. We can assist you with your new vehicle. And in appreciation for having rented from us as part of your decision process, we will credit half of your base rental expense (this is your daily rental rate times your rental period, no other fees or charges are included) toward your new RV purchase here at Long View RV. This offer is limited to $1,500.00 and is good for one year from the date your rental period ends.

Questions? contact us directly

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