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Consign Your RV at Long View RV Superstores

Call our Consignment Specialist, Dave Galotto, at 860-798-2460!

SO you’ve decided to sell your RV. How do you get that done?

Listing it on-line will work (maybe) with old and inexpensive RV’s. But if your RV is worth anything at all you will struggle to sell it yourself for some very important reasons.

Can you finance your buyer?  Can you take a trade from them?

Are you ready to pay off their old RV loan and get the new one registered for them?

Will you offer them an extended warranty?

Will you have your service team go through the RV prior to delivery to ensure it is operating safely? Once you find a buyer, what will you do when they call you in 30 days to tell you that something broke – and they expect you to fix it?

The likely answer to all of those questions is an emphatic NO! But at Long View RV Superstores this is what we do. We finance. We do loan payoffs and registrations. We LOVE trades. We’ll do all of the things you can’t do to make the new owner comfortable with buying your RV. And we stand behind our sales to be sure the new owner is satisfied with their purchase.

We can help you in one of two ways. We’ll buy your RV from you. Or you can consign it to us and we’ll sell it for you. Which is the best option for you? Let’s compare.

Let Long View RV Superstore buy your RV.

We’ll give you a professional appraisal with a firm purchase price and if you accept we write you a check. Done. The clear benefit to you is speed. Your current loan payments stop immediately. We’ll pay off your old loan if you have one. You get your money. And you move on without any further complications. We add your RV to our inventory and sell it to a happy new owner.

Consign your RV to Long View RV. 

We’ll give you a professional appraisal and a price that we’ll agree to pay you once we sell your RV. The big difference here is time. You’ll have to keep making payments on your loan and you’ll have to continue to register and insure the RV. You’ll still own it but we’ll have it here on our lot for sale. We’ll include it in our advertising and it will be listed on our web site right along with all of our inventory. You won’t deal with tire kickers who show up late – let us do that! You won’t have people showing up out of the blue at dinner time to see the RV – our professional RV consultants will show your RV to potential buyers. We’ll sell your RV when the right buyer arrives and when we do any existing loan gets paid off, the registration and insurance gets cancelled and you get your check.

At that point you are done. And Long View RV is there for the new owner when something goes wrong after their purchase. Not that anything ever malfunctions on an RV, but things can happen! We’re there to answer the phone and provide post-sale service for the new owner of your RV.

So the choice is yours. If you can provide lots of advertising to get out the word your RV is available, if you can provide all of the services a savvy RV buyer expects and if you’re ready to stand behind the unit for post-sale service – by all means sell it yourself. But if you think your RV might sell quicker if it gets listed on our professional web site and all major RV classified listings and if you think it might sell faster if the new owner can get a trade offer and financing and warranties and service both before and after the sale – give the RV professionals at Long View RV Superstores a call.

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