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Travel Ideas

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Looking for RV traveling ideas? Here is an off-peak suggestion to try. Book this trip late in the season when you’ve found peak New England foliage and hit the road.

New England Road with Foliage

Day 1

Pick up your RV at 1pm at Long View RV. Your first destination could be the Dorset RV Park in Dorset, VT. Check out their web site here:

This will be any easy 2 ½ hour (123 miles) drive from Windsor Locks. The first half of the trip is straight north on Route 91 and the second half of the trip goes across VT on Route 30. Stop along the way to see the sights you encounter. And be sure to stop and get something to eat when you get to Dorset! You’ll get the feel for driving the RV and get to your campsite in plenty of time to set up camp and enjoy your first RV campground meal.

Day 2

Your destination for Saturday night is the Newfound RV Park on the shore of Newfound Lake in Bristol, NH. Check out their web site here:

If you drive straight there it will take 2 ½ hours…but what is the fun of that?! A great way to plan this trip is to use your Google Maps app. Put in all of the destinations as a trip route. With the map laid out, zoom way in on the road you’ll be on and take note of the attractions you see and decide which ones you want to stop at. Want to tour wineries or breweries? Both available. Love farmers markets? Check! Want to stop for a hike? Sure you can do that. The beauty of an RV trip is that you have your own agenda and your own pace.

Day 3

Your Sunday night destination Pine Acres Family Camping Resort in Oakham, MA. Here’s their web site:

The non-stop direct route to Oakham is another 2 ½ hours. But there’s so much to see and do between Bristol, NH and Oakham, MA. Continue your Google Maps search to find the things your family would enjoy along the way and stop to do those things!

Day 4

Your RV is due back to Long View RV by 11am on your return date. Fortunately, it is a quick 56 miles (1:15) trip to Windsor Locks from Pine Acres. So you can enjoy the early morning and have the RV back to us in plenty of time.

Trip Summary

If you follow the exact route as we’ve laid it out you will have driven for a total of 8 hours and 23 minutes and you’ll have traveled 443 miles. By the time you get back to us you’ll be piloting your RV like a seasoned veteran. Mention to us that you're following one of our planned routes and we’ll give you a base rental discount of $25 and we’ll bump your free miles up to 200 miles a day (600 total for the trip).