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We rent Class C motorhomes.  All of our vehicles enter the Long View RV rental fleet as new vehicles.  We strive to keep our rental fleet in top shape. We rotate our fleet out to keep up with the newest equipment and models available once the vehicle has amassed approximately 20,000 miles.

Here are some of our more popular questions from renters:

What units are available for rental at Long View RV?
We generally have 3 RV sizes available, but we reserve the right to change the exact models available at any time.  When you rent from us you are renting a class of vehicle, not a particular unit.  Actual floorplans will vary based on schedule availability.

  • Economy
    • Sleep up to 6 or 8 campers
      • $250 a night - Peak-season Rate (June, July, August)
      • $220 a night - Off-season Rate (Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day weekend)
    • Sample models:  2860DS, 2440DS, 2850SLE
  • Bunkhouse 
    • Sleep up to 10 campers
      • $275 a night - Peak-season Rate (June, July, August)
      • $242 a night - Off-season Rate (Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day weekend)
    • Sample models:  3250DSLE, 3270DS
  • Luxury
    • Sleep 2 to 8 campers
      • $300 a night - Peak-season Rate (June, July, August)
      • $264 a night - Off-season Rate (Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day weekend)
    • Sample models:  3050S, 3040DS, 3010DS, Gulf Stream 5255

Does Long View RV have a minimum rental period?
We have a minimum rental period of 3 days for the majority of the year. Holiday weekends are an exception (4 days). Rentals at Thanksgiving and Christmas rental require longer minimums that vary with our operating schedule each year.

Is mileage included in my rental fee?
You have 100 free miles for every night that you rent included with your daily rental fee. If you exceed your allotted free mileage for the duration of your trip, the mileage fee for distance over your free miles per day are:

  • $0.35 – the next 300 miles
  • $0.70 – the next 1,000 miles
  • $1.25 - all additional miles

What other charges will I see on my rental expense estimate?
Each rental will incur a $100.00 preparation charge and a $25.00 cleaning fee. Additionally, we collect a 9.35% tax for the state of Connecticut on the total rental cost, excluding tax and vehicle preparation charges.

Do I need a special license to drive an RV?
No special license is required to drive an RV in the U.S. You must hold a valid driver's license and be at least 25 years of age to drive any rental RV under Long View RV rental policies.

I want to make a reservation – what do I do now?
Simple, log on to Click the “RV Rentals” button and let the website lead you through the process.

If you would rather make your reservation with a person over the phone, just call us (860-623-3326/800-516-9058). The rental department is extension 247. We’ll be happy to take your reservation over the phone.

Is there a deposit due when I make my reservation?
Yes. We take a $500.00 deposit when you make your reservation.

What is the Long View RV cancellation policy?
Reservation cancellations over 21 days before departure will incur no cancellation fee. Reservation cancellations between 14 and 20 days before departure are subject to a $200.00 cancellation fee. Reservations cancelled less than 13 days before departure are subject to a $500.00 cancellation fee. Any cancellation fees collected by us can be used by you for a rental reservation made within one year of the original cancellation. All refunds will be provided as a credit to the credit card used at the time of reservation within five (5) business days of the confirmed cancellation. An email will be sent confirming the cancellation and the status of the advance payment.

What does Long View RV accept for payment?
Payment for your rental (both the deposit and all actual rental charges) must be either cash or, preferably, credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Personal checks are NOT acceptable for payment.

When do I pay for my rental expense?
You will pay the full amount of your rental expense estimate when you come to pick up your unit. See above for acceptable payment methods.

Does Long View RV collect a security deposit?
Yes. On your pick-up day, in addition to the full rental expense estimate, you will leave us a $1,000.00 security deposit. This will be held against any damage or trip-end additional charges that may occur during your trip. The security deposit is refundable, subject to rental terms and conditions compliance.

When can I pick up my rental and when can I return it?
The Long View RV rental department is closed on Saturday and Sunday. No pick up or return activity can take place after 4:00pm on Friday until 9:00am on Monday.

Pick up times are Monday through Friday only, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. This allows enough time for your 45-minute RV Orientation which will teach you how to use the motorhome from front to back and everything in between.

Return times are Monday through Friday only, from 9:00am to 11:00am. RV rentals that are more than one hour late will be charged a $75.00 late fee plus one full day at the daily rental rate for the unit. This is a harsh penalty because if another family has scheduled their vacation with the RV you are driving they will not be able to start their trip as they planned. Long View RV needs to respect all of our renters by having their rental ready for their reservation time.

Can I leave my car at Long View RV during my trip?
Yes, for a fee. We simply do not have room to store your vehicle on our crowded lot. We charge $100.00 plus $25.00 a day for vehicle storage.

There is a simple and free alternative. We have two commuter "Park and Ride" lots within 1/2 mile of the dealership. We encourage you to make your car interior unremarkable to thieves and leave your vehicle there.

How do I avoid additional charges at the end of my rental?
We ask that you to bring the vehicle back the way we gave it to you. When you receive the RV the interior and exterior are clean, the gas tank is full, and the waste tanks are empty. You will be required to return the unit in the same condition to experience no additional fees associated with these items. We do not expect you to detail the RV upon return but the interior should be “broom clean” and you must remove all your trash. We expect our units will come back with moderate road grime but if it comes back caked with dirt we will charge you. Returning your RV excessively dirty will incur a $250.00 charge for additional cleaning. Damages or loss of equipment will be paid for by the renter. See below for information on the holding tanks and the fuel tanks.

Who is responsible for fuel charges?
Your RV has two on-board fuel sources. Gasoline for the engine and generator and propane for cooking, refrigeration, hot water and heat.

  • Gasoline. You will pick up your rental with a full tank of 87 octane unleaded fuel. You pay for any gasoline that you use on your trip and you must return it to us with a full tank. If you do not fill your tank we will deduct $75 plus the cost of the fuel from your security deposit.
  • Propane. You will pick up your rental with a full tank of propane. This should be more than enough for your trip and you do not have to refill the tank. We handle that as part of our trip preparation. If by some chance you do empty the tank you are welcome to refill it. Visit any professional propane station and they can manage this for you.

Do I have to empty my waste tanks on my trip?
During your orientation we will show you how to service your tanks and how to monitor your usage. If you fill the waste tank(s) you will have to empty them. But we do not require you to empty them before you return them to us. This is the first thing we do upon your return so we can ensure cleanliness for the next renter.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes. We allow Service Animals or up to two small domesticated dogs in many, but not all, of our units. We reserve the right to judge what constitutes small, so you must check with us if you want to travel with pets. Our pet charge is $20.00 per night and there is an additional $250.00 deposit for your friend. Our "Invisible Pet" policy is described in our Pet Addendum. Ask to see this if you are considering travel with your pet. If evidence of a pet is found and it was not disclosed at the time of your reservation we will apply a $50.00 per day fee for the entire period of your rental ($250.00 minimum). If you are looking for a pet-free RV you should check with us.

Can I smoke in my RV?
Absolutely not. All of our RV’s are 100% smoke free. If we sense upon your return that there was smoking in the RV we will charge you an additional $1,000.00 for deodorization.

Can I use the generator?
Yes. You are allowed 2 hours of free generator usage for every day that you rent. All time thereafter is billed at $3.00 per hour. If you use the generator you are responsible for maintaining the oil level at operating levels. Use 10W-40 oil to replenish as needed. Damage to our generator is NOT COVERED by the CDW nor is it covered by your SLI.

Will my existing insurance provide coverage in the event I damage the RV?
It is unlikely that your auto insurance will cover an RV rental, so check with your agent. We have two options available to you if you require additional insurance for your rental. We make a collision waiver damage (CDW) available for $19.95 a day. In the event you damage our rental unit your liability is limited to $1,000.00 if you take our CDW. If you require additional liability coverage for injury or damage you cause to another person or their property for your rental we encourage you to contact our insurer, MBA Insurance to enroll in their Supplemental Liability Insurance program. This insurance is $14.95 a day and you can enroll at after you make your rental reservation.

What does the RV come with?
The RV is equipped with the typical things that are required for RV operation. You provide the things that will make your trip your trip. We provide a fresh water hose, waste hose, an electrical adapter and toilet supplies. You will provide linens, cookware, cleaning products, a grill and any other personal items you need. In addition, each rental has a TV, DVD player, stereo system, awning, sofa (unit specific), dinette, bunks (unit specific), kitchen area, bathroom facilities and a queen bed.

Can I drive the RV into Mexico or Canada?
You can drive the RV in Canada but not in Mexico. If traveling into Canada, be sure you bring the proper documentation with you for both you and your pet, if traveling with one. Long View RV rental units cannot go into Mexico.

What about traveling in the Winter Months?
Yes, you can rent our units during the winter. However, during the winter months (October thru Late March) our motorhomes are “winterized”. This means we have completely drained the water and holding tanks to prevent the tanks and pipes from freezing and bursting. If you have any more questions on the rental policies during winter, please contact our rental department. Our winter winterization charge is $250.00 should you elect to have us put water back in the unit for your trip.

Questions? contact us directly

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