You Might Want to Incorporate Solar Panels Into Your RV

If you’re passionate about saving money and taking care of the earth, then you might want to consider adding solar panels into your RV. Whether you buy a new or used RV, solar is a great way to save on the cost of energy and expand your ability RV (because you won’t need to rely on a campground that has electrical hookups).

Why use solar on an RV?

Solar offers more advantages that just affordability. It promises flexibility and a slew of other benefits.

  • Silent – solar doesn’t make noise like a generator would
  • Odor free – you don’t need to rely on smelly fuels like gasoline
  • Low maintenance – install and enjoy
  • Convenience – solar panels are constantly charging throughout the day and only stop charging in the evening

What is a solar panel system made up of?

The solar panel system is made up of batteries, the actual solar panels, and a system to prevent the batteries from over charging. You’ll also need an AC for those appliances that don’t utilize a DC.

What size solar system do I need for my RV?

The size of the system you purchase will depend on what you want to do and, more specifically, how many things needs to be powered at the same time and individually.

1) Do you want to run two appliances at the same time?
2) Do you want to power larger appliances?
3) How long do you want your appliances to run?


While some can opt to install the solar panels themselves, it is often easier for you to bring your RV in to our service center. We can get it serviced, taken care of, and ready for you to enjoy.

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