Winter Is Finally Here: Is Your RV Ready

Snowy Roads
Photo via Flickr, Corey Templeton

Could it be true? Is it finally here? I’ve had my winter gear ready for weeks now, but with warmer temperatures and no snow in sight, I was starting to think Father Winter has forgotten about us. But, whew, is there a chill in the air now! So after a couple false starts, and maybe a few last-minute trips behind us, it’s finally time to get to work winterizing your RV.

One of the greatest threats to your RV during winter is water freezing in your lines. You’d be surprised how much water can linger in your RV’s water system, so you want to make sure you flush out tanks, sinks, and holding tanks. To start, you’ll need some antifreeze. It’s important to select a non-toxic antifreeze and to carefully disconnect your water supply from your ice maker before winterizing. You definitely don’t want to get any antifreeze up in there.

If your RV is equipped with a generator, you’ll also need to drain the fuel from it. Fuel sitting for months in a generator will build up a residue that will clog the carburetor — another costly repair if it happens to you.

While pipes and generators are important steps in the winterizing process, there’s one step that sometimes gets overlooked and can end up causing a whole new set of issues. Before storing your RV for the winter, don’t forget to make a thorough cleanup of any food crumbs in a cabinets, in between couch cushions, and under furniture. Rodents will find any tiny piece of food and a warm space like your RV is especially inviting, and those little creates are capable of doing a whole lot of damage in a short amount of time.

It’s true that winterizing your RV will take some extra legwork, but you will definitely feel the benefits that first warm Spring day when your RV is ready to hit the road. And if you need a little help getting your RV winterized properly, then contact our service department and ask about our winterizing service. We’ll get the basics taken care of so you have one less worry, and all for a low rate of $129.99.

So bundle up, enjoy the incoming winter, and, as always, for the best deals on a wide range of RVs, visit one of our Windsor Locks, CT location today!

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