Travel Tips: 2 Things to Do in Connecticut

Whether you’re looking for a destination for your next road trip or you’re planning a weekend away, Connecticut is a beautiful state for RVing. You’ll find bustling towns with rich histories, beautiful beaches, and plenty of RV campgrounds throughout the state. Check out these travel tips below to see how you can make the most of your next Connecticut road trip.

Gillette Castle State Park

This incredible travel destination is just one of the many oddities speckled around Connecticut. The Gillette Castle State Park is a 184-acre estate with beautiful landscaping and a castle with some unusual architecture. Spend a day exploring the park and the castle with your family while learning for just $6 a person. The Wolf’s Den Family Campground is an excellent place to stay while you’re visiting this destination.

Mark Twain House and Museum

The historical house of the famous author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer is one of many museums throughout Connecticut that are perfect for exploring with your family. When you visit, book your stay at Markham Meadows Campground, where you’ll find beautiful sites and enjoy kayak and boat rentals to help you get out on the water.

No matter where you plan to travel in Connecticut, there are beautiful sites to see and plenty of RV campgrounds. Find your dream RV at Longview RV today! Contact us for more information.

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