Tips For Traveling With Arthritis

By User:culinary123 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By User:culinary123 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Arthritis is a common medical problem that people both young and old alike face. Essentially arthritis is inflammation of the joints that can make movement painful and, in severe cases, be debilitating. In fact, the number one cause of disability amongst individuals 55+ in industrialized countries is arthritis. I’ve even known children to suffer from this disease that causes pain and stiffness. Because you’re often sedentary for long periods of time while RVing, arthritis can sometimes become aggravated. Travel, however, is good for the soul. The trick to making travel work with your arthritis is to understand the disease and follow these tips.

Pack Your Meds | In fact, pack more than what you need and while you’re at it bring along an ice and heat pack so that you’ve got everything you need to calm any flare ups. You should also take some time before your trip to check in with your doctor and learn his or her suggestions for the best combination to treat symptoms while traveling.

Take Breaks | Take a break every couple of hours. Park at a rest area and walk around to get your blood pumping. Try practicing some stretches and taking deep breaths.

Get Enough Rest | Arthritis can cause fatigue and fevers. Beat these symptoms by bringing along everything you need to get a good rest. This includes your favorite pillow, sheets, and blankets. Small items can home can make a big difference in the quality and quantity of sleep you get while traveling.

Eat To Lower Inflammation | Eating a diet rich in healthy fats like those found in salmon and avocados can help reduce overall inflammation in your body and lead to a decrease in flare ups while you’re on the road. In fact, eating to lower inflammation is a smart way to improve your overall quality of life. Check out the Mediterranean Diet to learn more about this approach to eating.

Get A Massage | Try to book a massage at any well reputed spa at your destination. A massage is not only a great way to start your trip, but will also help you feel relaxed and provide you with the energy needed to really enjoy your trip. And, if you’ve been in the car long enough, you’ll likely need a massage to work out any stiffness that set in along the way.

Arthritis doesn’t have to ruin your time on the road. These simple tips will help you be better prepared to treat your body the way it deserves to be treated while traveling, and allow you to make memories with your family without suffering. Always remember to consult with your doctor before following these tips. Do you or a family member suffer from arthritis? What are some simple tips you use to keep it under control? Share with us on Facebook or Google+.


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