RV Camping Tip: This Has Changed Our RV Experience!

Whether you’ve had an RV for years or you’re searching for a new RV for sale, everyone loves a good RV camping tip, and we’ve got one for the books! Literally. This tip will improve your RV lifestyle tremendously!


RV Camping Tip


Create a Campground Audit

Maybe you’re wondering what an audit is, why you would create a campground audit, or how you would make one, and we’ve got the answers to all of those questions!


#1. What is an audit?

In basic terms, an audit is a journal entry of facts. What facts, you may ask? Well, that’s up to you (don’t worry, we’ll give you some ideas later on in the post!). For RVers, creating an entry of the campground you stayed at will be extremely useful if you ever plan to come back to that particular campground.


#2. Why would I want one?

There have been many times when I’ve gone camping at a particular campground and absolutely loved it, and then I go back the next year to make a new reservation but all of a sudden I can’t remember the name! Some national park? Was it a local area?

Or I want to make a new reservation but I don’t remember which lot I had, I just remember it was the best lot: perfectly shaded with just enough sun, right by the pool, etc.

This is where your audit comes in handy! Open up right to the date that you camped, and you’ll have all your notes about your favorite sites right there in front of you.

You’ll have all your notes about your favorite sites right there in front of you!


#3. How do I make a campground audit?

We’ve got some great ideas on what to journal in your audit, but you can edit it any way that you want- it’s your personal notes, after all!

  • List the date and campground name
  • Rate the campground with your own opinion (would you ever come back?)
  • List the site you stayed at
  • List your favorite sites (as you adventure around the campground)
  • Consider your favorite parts of the grounds
    • Tree coverage
    • Wifi connection (yes or no?)
    • Nice pool (or not)

Hopefully you get the idea! This is a great way to create a better RV lifestyle for you and your family. 


Create The Best RV Life for YOU

This is an extremely easy way to make sure you always have the best experiences while RVing. Another easy part? Leave the audit journal right in your RV, so you always have it with you, ready to add notes to it anytime. If this excites you and you’ve never owned an RV or are just beginning your search, please contact us or take a look through our new RVs for sale. We love to connect with lifelong RVers and potential RVers alike!

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