RV Tips: 5 Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Winter

To avoid common issues and ensure a smooth winter season, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to winterize your RV. Whether you’re a seasoned RV owner or new to the world of recreational vehicles, these five RV tips will help you get your RV ready for winter and protect your investment.

Flush Your Water System

One way to prep your RV for winter is to flush your water system. This is important to remove any stagnant water and prevent freezing. Start by draining your fresh water tank and all the pipes in your RV. Then, use a non-toxic RV antifreeze to flush the system and protect it from freezing temperatures. Run the antifreeze through all faucets, showers, and toilets until you see the pink fluid coming out.

Protect Your Plumbing

After you’ve flushed your water system, clean and drain your tanks. This will help prevent any residual water from freezing and causing damage. Next, insulate exposed water lines with foam board or heat tape to protect against freezing temperatures.

Remove All Linens

A critical step in preparing your RV for winter is to remove all linens from the vehicle. This includes any bedding, towels, curtains, and other fabric materials. Moisture can easily get trapped in fabrics, leading to mold and mildew growth during the winter months. By removing all linens, you can ensure that your RV stays dry and free from any potential damage. Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry all linens before storing them in a dry, climate-controlled area to prevent moisture-related issues. Taking this step will not only protect your RV but also ensure that your linens are fresh and ready to use when you take your RV out of winter storage.


Clean Your Appliances

Winterizing your RV includes more than just protecting your plumbing systems. It’s essential also to clean and prep your appliances to ensure they function properly throughout the winter months. Clean your refrigerator inside and out, removing expired or perishable items. Utilize a mild cleaning solution to wipe down surfaces and remove any odors. Next, clean your stove and oven thoroughly, removing any spills or food particles that could attract pests. Lastly, don’t forget to clean your microwave, coffee maker, and other small appliances, ensuring they are free from crumbs and grime.

Contact us if you want to get your RV ready for winter but feel overwhelmed or need help. At Longview RV Superstores, our experienced professionals can provide the necessary advice and assistance to ensure your RV is prepped and ready for the winter season.

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