RV Tips: 3 Ways to Make Schooling from Home in Your RV Easy

Whether you’re experienced with full-time RV living or just starting this part of your journey, adding homeschooling to the mix can feel overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve compiled this list of three easy RV tips for schooling from home in your RV from real-life RVers.  If you have been dreaming of making the transition into RV life, check out this Forest River Vengeance Rogue toy hauler fifth wheel from Longview RV Superstores.

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Organization is Key

First and foremost, staying organized is vital, especially in a small space like an RV.  Try keeping a bin or folder for each child so that you always have a place to keep assignments and homework.  Additionally, keeping a list of what is due and when on your refrigerator can help you and the kids stay on the right track.


Get Outside

If you or the kids are struggling to focus or can’t seem to get on the same page, try a change of scenery.  Sometimes just taking the books, laptops, and papers outside can give you all a fresh start on the day.  You can even set up an outdoor study space under your awning or at the picnic table to help the kids have a clean place to work.

Father and daughter reading outside

Limit Distractions

It may seem counter-intuitive to the last tip, but it’s good to have “focus times,” as well.  Relaxed study time outdoors can help ease anxiety about a subject or inspire a new way to think about a problem.  Times of focus with limited distractions can help your child complete tasks more effectively.  Especially if these “focus times” are timed.

focused student

Most importantly, be easy on yourself and the kids during this unusual time.  Schooling from home in an RV isn’t the life for everyone, but if you love to travel and experience new things with those you love, you will find your own tips and tricks to make it work.  Contact us today if you’re looking for a new RV for sale.

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