RV Tips: 3 RVing Hacks for the Campground

Camping can be a big undertaking, but thankfully, we have over two years of experience full-time RVing. Our RV tips for making your camping experience more comfortable for everyone will help you make the most of your next vacation. Learn more below!

Prep Meals Before You Leave

Another great way to cut down on the time you spend making meals by prepping your food ahead of time. It’s easy to set aside some time before you leave to chop veggies and package your meals so that all you have to do when you’re ready to cook is dump them into a pot, Dutch oven, skillet, or crock pot. We highly recommend prepping all of your dinners before you leave home.

meal prepping

Mark Tripping Hazards with Flagging Tape or Neon String

When you get to your campsite, walk around with some flagging tape and mark anything that could be a tripping hazard or whatever else you need to mark as a potential danger. We have found that common spots to check are around the firepit, between your RV and the bathhouse, any tree roots, and the border of your campsite.

tree roots tripping hazard

Pack a Bunch of Bungee Cords for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Bungee cords have come in more handy than you would expect. We use them indoors on moving days to keep everything in place in the bedrooms, living room, and cabinets. Additionally, you can use bungee cords to help secure your awning, keep the tablecloth on the picnic table, and more!

rv awning

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