Removing Decals From Your RV

If you’ve had your RV for a while chances are your decals are starting to look a little worn. The sun, wind, rain, bugs, and anything else your RV has encountered along the thousands of miles you’ve traveled have likely taken their toll on these “stickers” that add to the exterior design and character of your RV. If you want to keep your RV looking new and in tip top condition removing cracked, brittle, and worn decals should be your first step.

Removing decals from your RV can be done through several methods. The most common method, used by RV service and professional body service teams, is to take a 3M Stripe Off Wheel (this fits into a 3/8″ drill) and use it on any decals you want to remove. This method is perfect for decals that have been baked on for years, however, must be performed correctly to be effective. Additionally you DO NOT want to attempt to use this on painted graphics. Those are a whole other monster. If you have several graphics or an extensive amount of decals on your RV you will likely need more than one of these wheels. Once you’ve successfully removed the decals your paint underneath should be untouched and may have just a little adhesive that can be removed using an RV paint safe adhesive removal solution.

The video below illustrates how to use the 3M Stripe Off Wheel.


If you’re intimidated by the thought of using a drill to remove the decals on your RV, you might want to try the heat gun method. This method is easier in that you don’t have to worry about over drilling, however, you still must be careful because if you hold the heat gun too close to the RV you could remove the decal, and also bubble the paint – which is much more expensive to repair. To use a heat gun to remove battered decals simply turn it on low to medium heat and hover it above the decal about 4 inches until the decals begin to lift and peel off. Remember to never hold the heat gun over an area for more than a second or two. The video below does a great job illustrating the heat gun decal removal method.


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