Introducing The Thor Vegas Class A Motorhome

thor vegasLong View RV is proud to introduce the Thor Vegas class A motorhome. This motorhome is unlike anything you’ve seen before and has been coined an “RUV” by Thor. As if we needed more abbreviations in our vocabulary you might be wondering what exactly an RUV is. RUV is short for recreation utility vehicle. Thor coined this term because of the Vegas’ unique compact design and its ability to haul more than the typical SUV. This RUV was created for everyone from busy families who travel frequently to tournaments to snowbirds looking for an easy to maneuver RV to drive south to weekend vacationers who simply appreciate comfort.

The Thor Vegas has an overall ceiling height of 82″, which makes it exponentially more comfortable to travel in than a SUV or car. Why force yourself to push through another long drive in the family car, when you can enjoy the Vegas’ large living area and superior driveability? The leatherette furniture provides exceptional comfort, while the cockpit rivals even the most luxurious car and SUV. With enough toys and features to keep you entertained for a long time you’ll find yourself excited to drive the Vegas. From reclining, swiveling leatherette captain’s chairs to premium high velocity AC/heat vents to heated, remote exterior mirrors with integrated side view cameras the cockpit is equipped to make your next drive as easy as possible.

thor vegasOne of the worst parts of traveling often is having to eat out. Greasy food is terrible for your health and nowhere near as satisfying as a home cooked meal. With the Vegas you can make your family’s favorite meals wherever you are thanks to the 3 burner high output gas range (optional oven). And, after a day of games or driving you can quickly heat up leftovers in microwave.

The Thor Vegas allows you to enjoy the comforts of home wherever you are. Whether you prefer showering in your own bathroom, eating a home cooked meal, or detest the idea of having to lug suitcases in and out of hotels, the Vegas can help solve all these problems. With the Vegas you get to bring home on the road and live according to your own schedule. Say goodbye to check-in times, hotels, busy airports, frustrating security, and greasy food joints that pack on the pounds and hello to a life of freedom and flexibility.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Thor Vegas contact us. We can help you determine if this is the best “RUV” for your needs and point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a new RV.

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