Discover a New Way to RV with the Thor Vegas Motorhome

Imagine a sport utility vehicle with more space and more amenities, and you will have the Thor Vegas motorhome. This vehicle is in a class called a recreational utility vehicle or RUV, and it brings together the ease of driving an everyday car and the convenience and luxury of RV life.

Thor Vegas Motorhome
Check out the new Thor Vegas Recreational Utility Vehicle!

The Thor Vegas is built more compactly than many traditional RVs, so you driving it will be easier. Plus, since it uses regular gas instead of diesel, it will be less expensive to fill, and this lower cost makes it more economical to take it with you whether you want to spend just a weekend away or plan on spending the winter months in warmer clients.

You will also find many amenities on the inside of this RUV. Some of the interior features that come in this compact vehicle include:

  • Modern Décor: Every piece of the interior is beautiful and designed to give you a modern feel. With multiple color palates to choose from, each piece can look exactly how you want.
  • Slideouts for Extra Space: One way that the Vegas RUV adds space is with a slideout. There are options for slideouts in the living room, kitchen, and in the master bedroom. This way, when you are traveling, the vehicle will maintain its easy to maneuver size, but when you stop, you can make it larger to add more room to move around.

    Thor Vegas Motorhome Master Bedroom
    With slideouts, the Thor Vegas can stay small while traveling but expand when parked.
  • Fully Functional Cockpit: Whether you are in transit or at your destination, the cockpit will be useful. Obviously, the cockpit will be where you will drive the Thor Vegas from, and with a back-up monitor, side cameras, and more, it is set up to make driving easier. Then, when you have parked, the captain’s chairs can swivel around and a coffee table added to make for extra sitting space.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom: No RV is complete without a fully functioning and stocked kitchen and bathroom, and even in the compact size of this RUV, there is still more than enough room for both. Therefore, you will have an easy-to-access space for preparing meals, taking showers, and more no matter where you go.
Thor Vegas Motorhome Interior
The interior is spacious enough for every amenity!

Regardless of what trip you are taking, the Thor Vegas motorhome will make it more comfortable for you. Weekend trips will no longer require renting a hotel room, and long vacations can be enjoyed in this home away from home.

To take a look inside one of these incredible machines, you can contact us or stop by our location, and we will give you the full tour of this or any other of the travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and more that we offer. We promise to find you the exact RV to fit all of your needs.

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