Decisions, Decisions: Choosing An RV

Chances are if you landed on this blog you’ve been bitten by the RV bug. Maybe your neighbor pull into the driveway with a shiny new rig or perhaps you grew up in the lifestyle and are now ready to share it with your family. The RV lifestyle gives millions of families in America the opportunity to make memories and visit the huge range of sites that grace cities throughout our great country.

fifth wheel
Fifth Wheel

Choosing an RV isn’t easy. You’re selecting a toy that will last you for years to come and needs to accommodate the present and future needs of your family. The RVs available today come in a variety of types and floorplans, with a range of amenities. Determining which one meets your needs is an important part of the shopping experience. Before your start looking at RVs it is important to sit down with your spouse to set a budget. It’s recommended you actually purchase something on the lower end of your budget so you don’t find yourself straining to pay for your new toy. Oftentimes RVers will purchase an RV with all the bells and whistles, but end of having to work extra hours to manage their payment. It’s better to start off small and enjoy making memories with your family than to have a fancy RV that you can’t take on vacation.

After you’ve established a realistic budget think about your needs. Are you looking for a sturdy, all weather RV that is easy to tow? A fifth wheel might be exactly what you need. These RVs hitch into the bed of your truck and typically are heavier than travel trailers. Fifth wheels also offer more living space than other RVs and a larger selection of floorplans so you have more options to choose from for your family.

Travel Trailer
Travel Trailer

If you need an RV that is lightweight and capable of being towed by smaller vehicles a travel trailer could work for you. Unlike fifth wheels these hitch to the outside of your truck and do not require as much power to pull. These RVs are usually more practical and less luxurious than fifth wheels, however, still have important features like fully equipped kitchens and large bedrooms. They are also available as lightweight options, which can save you money on fuel costs.

Looking for an RV you do not have to tow? A motorhome is exactly what you need. These are what most think of when you talk about RVs and are built on their own motorized chassis that can be driven to your destination. Motorhomes are offered as either gas or diesel pushers and can oftentimes pull another small vehicle that can be driven around your destination.

Learn more about the RVs we have for sale. We carry a large selection of a variety of trusted brands and are committed to helping you find the RV that works for you. The RV industry is one made to meet the needs of a range of people. We are sure to have something for you and are happy to equip you with the information necessary to make a decision.


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