De-Winterize Your RV With Ease

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As the weather warms up and birds start to chirp, you’re probably ready to get out and hit the road. This is the time of year when you start planning your RV trips. When you winterize your RV you prepare it to stand the stress of winter. De-winterizing is simply making it habitable for spring and summer RVing.

Before you de-winterize your RV you’ll need some supplies on hand. Household bleach will help you sanitize your tanks to ensure any bacteria is killed, while fresh drinking water helps flush the system.

When you RV was winterized anti-freeze was flushed through the entire plumbing system. Your goal in de-winterization is to flush this from your RV. The first step in this process is to drain any anti-freeze from your tanks. Some will require you to turn off your by-pass and then drain, while those without a by-pass will simply need to hold a bucket under the spout and drain it. After draining fill your fresh water tank and run all of your faucets. All of this water will end up in your gray and black water tanks, which will need to be emptied.

Now, once your entire system is flushed of anti-freeze it’s time to disinfect your tank so the water is safe to drink and shower in. Use 1/4 of a cup of bleach for every gallon of water your fresh water tank holds. Pre mix and add to your fresh water tank. Then run the water so it reach every pipe. Turn off the water and let the bleach solution sit in the tank and lines for 12 hours to work its magic. After 12 hours flush the bleach solution out of your system and ensure you cannot smell bleach.

After your tanks have been flushed and cleaned it’s important to give your entire RV a once over. Ensure your battery is charged and free of corrosion. Wash the exterior to check for cracks or broken seals that might have shown up over the winter. Let the interior air out and give it a thorough cleaning.

Need help de-winterizing your RV? Give our RV service team a call.

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