Consign Your RV Through RV Consignment at Longview

Start the RV Consignment Process Now!

Currently, the best option to sell your RV as an owner is to list it online and research its sale value through countless hours of comparisons. RV consignment offers you the opportunity to sell your RV without the complications that come with selling. Avoid having to meet buyers, figure out pricing, or determine the best way to show your RV.

Here at Longview RV we are proud to offer RV consignment. We take the pressure off of you so you can enjoy the time you have without wasting it on something that you don’t have any experience in. Leave the job of sales to the pros.

Here at Longview we can help figure out an appropriate price point and attract a wide range of buyers. We are more likely to sell your RV faster than you can because we:

  • Offer financing – make purchasing easier for buyers
  • Can pay off the buyer’s old loan to get them into your RV
  • Offer an extended warranty – buyers can shop with confidence knowing they’re protected by this warranty
  • Have an expert team – we go through the RV and ensure it is safe and fit for resale

We can help you by either buying your RV from you or consigning it to us and letting us sell it for you. When we buy your RV from you we provide an appraisal, we set a price, and we write you a check. Simple as that!

When you consign your RV we appraise it, take the time to sell it, and take a portion of your profit once it sells.

Learn more about these options and finding the best fit for you. Contact us or stop in today!

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