Camping Tips: Easy Camping Craft for Kids!

There are so many activities to do while camping! But some days? Some days are rainy days. There are times when the weather looks great, and you’re ready for a day of tubing down a river or riding your bikes around the campground, but all of a sudden the sky becomes stormy and you have to stay in your new RV. Here’s an easy camping craft for kids that get bored sitting in the RV all day!


Painted Rocks


What You’ll Need:

1. Plastic cupcake pan

2. Clear corn syrup

3. Food coloring

4. Smooth, palm-sized rocks

5. Paint Brushes



You can get the kids set up at the dinette booth of your RV, or on the floor, or wherever you feel comfortable having them while they paint!

1. Place the plastic cupcake pan in the middle for everyone to use.

2. Place about an inch of the clear corn syrup in each of the cupcake holders (set the corn syrup up and out of the way so you don’t have a big mess to take care of later).

3. Choose a food coloring bottle for one separate cupcake holder and squeeze a few drops in. Do this with different colors for each cupcake holder.

4. Mix the drops with a paint brush.

5. Begin painting the rocks.


Simple and Fun!

If you have any questions about the RV lifestyle, please contact us. We love connecting with our clients about their new RVs, or any inquiries they might have about camping. We hope that your kids and you enjoy their rainy day inside the RV with this fun and easy camping craft!

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