Big Savings with Our Off Season Rentals!

Have you checked out RV rental services yet? Well even though RVing season is winding down, that does not mean that you can’t still rent an RV from us for your next trip. On the contrary, we here at Longview RV Superstores have some incredible deals to offer you on our off season rentals! Check them out here:

Off season rentals
Save more with out off season rentals!

Discounted Rental Prices

During the camping off season, you will find that all of our rental fleet vehicles is discounted 12%! Our 2650S models are priced at just $220 a day to bring you a daily savings of $30! Or what about the huge 3170DS floorplan? This bunk bed option can sleep up to ten people, and at just $242 a day, you can save $33 each day you have it. Last, but not least, our biggest savings will be on the 3050S. For just $264 a day, you will save $36 a day, so you can spend less on your rental and more on your vacation.

Additional Mileage

On top of these discounted rental prices, we will be offering additional mileage for each day you rent during this off season. We generally only give 100 free miles, but during the off season, we will give you an extra 25 miles everyday. That means that every single day, you will have 125 miles that you can travel without it costing you anything other than the normal daily fee.

So even though camping season is almost over, with these great deals on our off season rentals, you can still enjoy an RVing trip with you family that is more affordable. Off season started Labor Day weekend and will go until Memorial Day weekend, so feel free to contact us or come down to our location to learn how you can get in on these amazing deals!

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